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Israel Solidarity Mission

May 13-16th, 2024

(Sample Itinerary . Final Itinerary coming soon...)

Monday May 13th (Yom Hazikaron)
Volunteer event at hotel for displaced families
Welcome Dinner at the Aish World Center with guest speakers
Visit to the Western Wall

Tuesday, May 14th (Yom HaAtzmaut)
Volunteer at a farm in the South
Visiting communities in the Gaza envelope
Site of the Nova Festival
Takuma, the site of the burnt cars
BBQ on a base in honor of Yom Haatzmaut

Wednesday, May 15th
Visit the United Hatzalah
Volunteer at Ezrat Achim
Meet the Airly family
Visit with an elite Army unit

Thursday, May 16th
Israel advocacy - what can we do at home?
The Shurah Base
Hostage Square
Special banquet dinner with guests.

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