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Father/Son Bar Mitzvah Program
With Rabbi Tzvi Sytner

Rabbi Sytner’s wildly popular Father-Son Bar Mitzvah program was buzzing with excitement during its 10- week run. Forty Fathers and Sons embarked on a journey of reflection and self-discovery – to connect with themselves, with each other and with their Judaism. While exploring practical topics such as having a win-win attitude and how to acquire effective communication and listening skills, the classes also featured fascinating guest speakers, such as a Hatzoloh responder, a former IDF soldier and a Holocaust survivor.

After learning about the mitzvah of Tefillin, those who turned 13 were invited to partake in the 40-Day Tefillin Challenge along with their Fathers, posting selfies in a WhatsApp group. The excitable energy and comradery of the group was palpable to all.

Mother/Daughter Bat Mitzvah Program
With Rebbetzin Miriam Sytner

 The Mother-Daughter Bat Mitzvah Program is run by Rebbetzin Miriam for 8 Sunday morning sessions.

She is bringing to life the importance of Jewish wisdom and Jewish role models while engaging in exciting and inspiring experiences together such as  Challah bakes, paint parties, Jewelry making, and Krav Maga as well as hearing testimony from a Holocaust survivor.

The program is imparting its participants with an understanding of who they are, their unique strengths,

and how to actualize their potential as Jewish women.

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