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In keeping with guidelines, you must register your attendance as we are required to maintain a strict number of member participants at all times.  Thank you for your cooperation & understanding.





Sunday- 8:00 AM
Monday - Friday 7:45 AM
Monday - Thursday: 7:10 PM

Membership Address from

Barry Bank and Matthew Friedberg

Dear Village Shul Community,


As we all recognize, we are living in unprecedented times. In spite of the challenges, we are forging ahead with our High Holiday plans. This is a fitting opportunity to formally announce Rabbi Hoch’s retirement as Rabbi of The Village Shul and his transition to Rabbi Emeritus. We’re sure the entire community joins us in thanking him for his many years of leadership and for creating a vision that has turned our Shul into an institution with worldwide impact. We wish him all the best for his retirement in New York and look forward to having him back. We are also delighted to announce that Rabbi Sytner is officially the Rabbi of The Village Shul. Under his leadership, the mission of the Shul will be carried out with renewed purpose and vigour. As a Shul, we will rededicate ourselves to our goals of outreach, education, and community service with a fresh focus. We all wish him the greatest success.


Thanks to Rabbi Sytner’s innovative strategy to deal with the current crisis, our Shul has grown incredibly during this time. Rabbi Sytner and the rest of the team have seamlessly transitioned our Shul from bricks and mortar to the digital age. We’ve had a weekly pre-Shabbos Kiddush with guest lecturers from around the globe, and dozens of weekly classes with our star speakers including Rabbi Yosef Posen, Rabbi Avi Diamond, Reb Zale Newman, Rabbi Asher Vale, Rebbetzin Devorah Vale, Rabbi Aryeh Pamensky, Reb Stuart Hytman, Rabbi Dovid Zauderer, Rabbi Chanan Gans, Rabbi Shlomo Katz, Ellie Bass, (and all our teachers who had to rapidly learn new skills in order to teach via Zoom). Our programs are now reaching thousands of people around the world. Moreover, important life-cycle events (weddings, funerals, bar/bat mitzvahs) continue for our members. The Shul has made sure none of us have been left in isolation. Though we are reaching more people than ever, we are nonetheless experiencing major reductions in revenue. Our main fundraisers (the gala dinner and the golf tournament) have been canceled because of the pandemic. Additionally, we had to close our pre-school programs and issue refunds for tuition. All of this means that Shul membership is more vital now than ever before. Still, we know people have concerns. One of those concerns, naturally, are the High Holidays. How will they be safe and just as important, meaningful? No matter what the government mandates, we will have plans in place to accommodate any and all scenarios. We are now asking the community to participate in membership in greater numbers than ever before.


Another concern for many of our members is the financial challenges brought by COVID-19. Please be assured we are making accommodations to meet everyone’s individual realities. Contact the office to arrange for monthly, quarterly, or bi-annual payment plans. To answer the call of the members who have been financially impacted by the pandemic, we have also set up an anonymous Family Sponsorship Fund. For those who are able, please consider increasing your normal dues in order to sponsor an existing member in need of assistance. Every dollar counts as we expect subsidy requests to far exceed normal levels. 


Life is about challenges and our Village Shul community has come out in full force to face them. Yes, we miss seeing one another - the hugs, our famous herring, and scotch Kiddushes and everything in between. If nothing else, 2020 will be remembered by how our community pulled and stayed together during this very difficult time. Our Shul is our Mishkan and like our ancestors, it is our turn to stand up and be counted with our modern-day version of the half-shekel.


We need to take steps right now to ensure our success. Our future depends on it. Following our membership drive, we’ll be launching a telethon in early September to provide the community the opportunity to go above and beyond this year to make sure The Village Shul is stronger and better than ever. Under Rabbi Sytner’s leadership and with the help of the Al-mighty, the future is bright and we will succeed.


The Village Shul’s mission statement has always been about leadership, connection with our community, and service to Hashem. Our membership is our lifeline! Now more than ever, we need your continued support. We will reach out soon to confirm your membership at The Village Shul for the upcoming year. 


Feel free to call or e-mail us with any concerns you might have.


                            Warmest Regards,  




                                  Barry Bank                                                                              Matthew Friedberg

Schedules @

Parashat Pinchas

July 11-16, 2020

18-25 Tamuz, 5780




FRIDAY, July 10th

7:00 PM Mincha Service at TVS


7:25 PM Candle-lighting, after (Earliest)

8:42 PM Candle-lighting (Latest)


SATURDAY, July 11th

Davening at Shul Schedule

8:30 AM Shacharit 

8:35 PM Mincha

9:42 PM Ma’ariv

9:52 PM Shabbat Ends/Havdallah


Shema should be said before 9:35 am

Shacharit Amida should be said before 10:51 am

Mincha should be said before 8:59 pm

Ma’ariv can be said after 9:42 pm

Instructions for Shabbos Davening

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