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7:00 PM Mincha

7:18 PM Earliest Candle-lighting

8:35 PM Latest Candle-lighting


7:40 AM Pre-Shacharit class

(Beis Midrash)

with Rabbi Yosef Posen

'Philosophical Outlook of Rav Dessler'


8:30 AM Shacharit


10:10 AM (Beis Midrash)

Texts @ 10 with Rabbi Aryeh Pamensky


10:25 AM (Main Sanctuary)

The Rabbi’s message with

Rabbi Shlomo Katz


10:30 AM (Fireplace Room)

Rebbetzin Devorah Vale

'Women's Chaburah'


11:00 AM Young Professionals Kiddush (Rooftop)


11:10 AM (Main Sanctuary)

Issues @ 11 with Eli Savage

'Why Going Back to Poland is Worth It' - My 'Living Legacy' Mission to Poland'


Advanced Ethics (Beis Midrash)

Rabbi Yosef Posen

'Learning Torah is a Birth Process'


Bob Zinner (Main Office)

'A Taste of Talmud: Gateway to Intellect and Character Development'


12:00 PM Community Kiddush

(Social Hall)


8:30 PM Mincha followed by Seudat Shlishit

9:38 PM Ma’ariv

9:48 PM Shabbos Ends/Havdallah

JUNE 4-9


Sunday 8:00 AM

Monday - Friday 7:00 AM


Sunday - Thursday 7:10 PM

Mikvah renovation Baner May 2022.jpg

Dear TVS community,

We are excited to announce that renovations of the mikvah at The Village Shul started on, January 16, 2023. The work is estimated to last few months.
For over 20 years, and 28,000 visits, women from all over Toronto – representing the full spectrum of Jewish observance – attend TVS Mikvah.
​​​​​​​While our women’s mikvah and keilim mikvah are closed, Chana LeBowitz (women’s mikvah) and Abi Samole (keilim mikvah) are happy to help redirect you to other mikvaos in the city.
Your patience is most appreciated during this time, and we look forward to greeting you at our beautifully updated mikvah!
With great appreciation to all our donors and supporters,

The Rabbis and Rebbetzins, Board of Directors and
TVS Mikvah Renovation committee!

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