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A unique way to honour loved ones...

Support The Village Shul & Aish HaTorah Learning Centre


A donation to the shul on someone's behalf is a special way of recognizing a friend or loved-one. Your contribution in honour or memory goes a long way in supporting the shul and acknowledging the occasion in a meaningful and lasting way.


Why do people make donations in memory of a loved one? 


The age-old practice of giving Tzedakah (charity) on behalf of another is a well-founded Jewish custom.  The Torah enjoins us time and again to perform this mitzvah (commandment) as a show of support, love and to fulfill a basic societal need.  Our tradition teaches us that when one person brings another to engage in a mitzvah, both share in the spiritual reward.  Therefore, your donation supports the community, demonstrates your care and concern to another and both the giver and receiver share in the eternal reward.


Why would I want to sponsor learning specifically?


By supporting the study of Torah, the donor engages in “two mitzvahs for the price of one” - the giving of Tzedakah (as described above) and the facilitating of Torah Study which Maimonides describes as “equal to all the other Mitzvos combined”.

So, whether it is for a Bar Mitzvah or Bat Mitzvah, Yarhzeit or bris, we are pleased to offer a host of opportunities for you to show others that you care.

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