Village Shul Vaccination Policy

Dear Village Shul Membership,


In recent months, we have been encouraged and pleased to see so many people coming back to Shul for davening, in-person classes, programs, and our Shabbos morning rooftop kiddush.


We have also had a number of members asking us about our vaccination policy. Let us first preface by saying our Shul has been an extraordinarily safe place for the last 20 months, and we are proud of our track record of both staying open and staying safe.


Our policy, based on the City of Toronto Public Health guidelines, will be as follows:


1) Currently, masking is required everywhere in the building, except for the exceptions mentioned below:


·      Seated at Seudat Shlishit

·      Indoor Kiddushes


2) Masking will not be required when seated for Seudat Shlishit (Third Meal) on Shabbos afternoons. In the coming weeks, kiddush will be moved indoors during cooler weather.  For these kiddushes, other Simchas where eating is taking place, meals, etc., due the lack of masks, we request that participants aged twelve years and older be fully vaccinated. This will be on the honour system (i.e., we will not be requesting vaccine documentation). That said, we are more than happy to prepare take-away kiddushes for anyone who is not vaccinated but wants to enjoy the world-famous Village Shul kiddushes).


3) For services or religious services, we will not require proof of vaccination. However, we will require masks and social distancing; in accordance with the Ontario government’s guidelines.

Let us once again reiterate that for prayer services and classes, there will be no vaccination requirement; this is exclusively for mask-less programs where eating is taking place.


If there are members of our community who would like to have a confidential discussion regarding vaccine compliance, we are happy to connect you with doctors who are part of our medical advisory team.


We know that no policy can accommodate everyone, but we are attempting to be both as inclusive and accommodating as possible. We look forward to lifting these remaining regulations the moment we are able to.


 Thank you and looking forward to seeing you at Shul!