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Our dedicated and diverse Village Shul staff and faculty are here for you all year long to provide great learning opportunities, support and services. We work with an open-door policy so feel free to drop in anytime to ask questions, give feedback or just to schmooze a little. We come from all walks of life and are always ready with an open ear to find new ways to serve our community and have fun doing it.

Rabbi Tzvi Sytner
Senior Rabbi and CEO

Rabbi Tzvi Sytner grew up in Los Angeles, CA and earned his B.A. in Liberal Studies from Thomas Edison State College, a Masters in Education from the University of Bridgeport, and a Master's degree as a Marriage and Family Therapist at Touro University. He has delivered inspiring lectures worldwide, including South Africa, Australia, and of course Israel. While studying in Israel, Rabbi Sytner received his Rabbinic Ordination from The Jerusalem Kollel under Rabbi Yitzchak Berkowitz, and led Shabbos programs for over 1000 college students on Birthright. He currently has a popular video blog on, titled, "Just Breathe" viewed by over 8,500 per month. 

Rabbi Shlomo Katz
The Village Shul Rav
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Rabbi Shlomo Katz is a true Torah scholar. Born in Brooklyn, NY.  When is was13, he went off to yeshiva to study with the legendary Rav Reuven Feinstein, earning awards of achievement but never missing his daily jog! Then, at 19, he joined the Yeshiva of Brisk (the “Harvard of yeshivas”), studying in the exclusive shiur of Rabbi David Soloveitchik for 3 years. During that time, he also spent time studying with renowned sages Rabbi Elyashiv and Rav Ovadia Yosef.

After marrying his wife Yehudis, he studied in an elite Kollel while publishing Halachic theses and giving classes in many Yeshivot and Seminaries. He also explained our traditional Jewish lifestyle to tour groups from around the world. 

He received Semicha from the Rabbanut of Israel, Rabbi Asher Weiss, and from other renowned Rabbis. He also completed many courses in counseling, psychology, child education, and medicine and received certification in Shechita and Safrus.  

Cindy Benedek
General Manager
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Abi Samole_edited.jpg
Abi Samole
Executive Director  Membership & Donor Relations
David Grant
Executive Director
Finance & Operations 
Chevy Fordsham
Tots Together Program
Aish Flame.jpg
Chana Lebowitz
Mikvah Supervisor
Tzippora Greenwood
Director of Youth Programs & Hebrew School 
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Neora Covrigaru
Office Manager
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